Our team

Our team is composed by students attending the different departments of the University of Trento. To date, we are more than 90 students, who are working together a developing soft and hard skills, getting ready to face the work environment right after graduating.

If you are a UniTN's student too, and you're up to work with us to design, produce, test and race in the Formula SAE's competitions, you absolutely have to join the E-Agle team!
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Faculty Advisor e Team Leader

Formula SAE was born to allow students Formula SAE was born to allow students to acquire skills in a context other than that of university classrooms, but there is still a need for a guide with more experience in the field, which can supervise the development of the project. This fundamental role is filled by professor Paolo Bosetti, the Faculty Advisor (FA).

Other than the academical guidde, the team needs someone to keep it together, motived and always on the piece. Our Team Leader (TL), Thomas Nonis, does just that!
Prof. Paolo Bosetti
Filippo Faccini
Thomas Nonis

Dynamics and control team

The dynamics and control team, works on the kinematics of the vehicle and its components. They also develop active control algorithems, as torque vectoring and anti-slip, using real and simulated data.
Andrea Colavero
Head of Dynamics & Control
Lorenzo Baldessarini
Giacomo Corradini
Marco Corradini
Ivan Fattori
Massimiliano Lavarini
Licia Menegolla
Andrea Moschini
Fabio Vello

Electronics team

The electronics team designs and tests the low and high voltage systems, indispensable to build an electric race car, as: battery management system, wireless telemetry, inverters and data acquisition.
Aris Tomaselli
Head of Electronics
Thomas Nonis
Alessio Pasin
Leonardo Pasquato
Alex Vernazza

Software team

The software team develops: low lever firmware, cloud-based telemetry system, and the wheel's interface. Particular attention goes to the low level firmware, for the car's electronic boards, which use micro-controllers; meanwhile, the applications with a higher abstraction level, are used to interact with the vechicle and do the diagnostics.
Giacomo Mazzucchi
Head of Software
Davide Andreolli
Riccardo Benevelli
Matteo Bitussi
Guglielmo Boi
Davide Carlomagno
Emanuele Civini
Alessandro Conforti
Dimitri Corraini
Enrico Dal Bianco
Enrico Dalla Croce
Filippo Faccini
Antonio Gelain
Nicolò Marconi
Lorenzo Pattaro

Mechanics team

The mechanics team takes care of the design, simulation, manufacturing and assembly of all the car's mechanical components, as: chassis, transmission, braking system and aerodynamics.
Andrea De Bortoli
Head of Mechanics
Francesco Amadori
Gabriele Avi
Federico Battisti
Lorenzo Bertella
Francesco Boso
Ivan Cagol
Tommaso Eccher
Marco Ferronato
Emanuele Flessati
Davide Frena
Giacomo Grandotto
Federico Osti
Leonardo Petruccelli
Alessandro Tomasini
Luca Zanolini

Management team

The management team's duty, is to prepare for two of the competition's static events: Business Plan and Cost Report. Furthermore, they make purchases on behalf of the team and, last but not least, they keep association's account.
Claudia Zanola
Head of Management
Filippo Agosti
Claudio Bertoli
Enrico Romano Blasi
Davide Campese
Giacomo Mason
Mattea Pigozzi
Valentino Rocchi
Lorenzo Sciotto


The communications team, takes care of everything regarding the relations between the team, the public and the companies. This includes content creations (photos, videos, graphic works) and physical supports (posters, flyers, brochures, teamwear), nonetheless the management of social accounts, and event's organization.
Camilla Menon
Head of Public Relations
Matej Del Coco
Roberto Fanton
Alice Pasini
Chiara Sabaini
Gabriele Tanzariello

Driverless project

The driverless project has been carried on by members of the different divisions, who work together to turn Fenice EVO in a driverless vehicle. The car has to be able to recognize a standard track, delimited by a series of standardized cones, to complete it as fast as possible. Achieving is macro-objective is possible thanks to the collaboration of the following departments: Software, Electronics, Mechanics, Dynamics and Control.
Giuliano Agostini
Michele Balbin
Ezo Buah Kirk
Lorenzo Colturato
Stefano Dell'Anna
Mattia Franzin
Paolo Furia
Stefano Genetti
Rachele Manoni
Jacopo Modena
Diego Nardelli
Angelo Nutu
Gabriele Stulzer
Sebastiano Taddei