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The Formula Student "E-Agle Trento Racing Team" is an inter-departmental university racing team, composed entirely of students from the University of Trento.

It was founded in the summer of 2016, on the initiative of Professor Paolo Bosetti, and right from the start the project aroused great interest and enthusiasm among the University's classrooms, registering a large number of applications in just a few days. To date, the team counts more than 90 male and female students, attending as many as 7 different departments, interested in the automotive sector and united by a single ambitious goal: to build a single-seater open-wheel car, Formula 1 style, to demonstrate the effectiveness of innovative solutions made possible only by electric propulsion.

From its founding to the present, the team has grown primarily because of its core value: to design and manufacture as many components in-house as possible. In this way it embodies the founding principle of Formula Student, which aims to train the best engineers using the method of learning by doing.
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Formula Student

How we operate

Formula Student is a competition that was created with the aim of spurring students to get involved, in the design and production of a racing car. From its founding to the present, the team has set itself the goal of designing and manufacturing as many components as possible in person, in line with the founding principle of Formula Student, which aims to train the best engineers with the method of learning by doing, learning by doing.

We pride ourselves on being able to produce more than 90 percent of our vehicle components in our laboratories.

Our team is organized according to the model of a real company. We are divided into 7 interdisciplinary subgroups: Dynamics and Modelling, Electronics, Software, Mechanics, Driverless, Management and Public Relations. All groups work in synergy, within the spaces provided by the university.

We make most of the parts for our vehicles in our workshops

Formula Student

Formula Student is an engineering design competition reserved for the student community and offered internationally by the Society of Automotive Engineers (hence the acronym SAE).

The initiative, which began in 1981, involves the design and production of a racing vehicle. It is an experience that gives the opportunity to move from theory to practice, to use what has been learned about automotive in classes and books to build the best-performing "bolide" with team spirit, enthusiasm and creativity. On this particular circuit you are evaluated on a series of tests for design quality and engineering efficiency.

Formula Student is an international competition among teams of college students. This project consists of the production of a racing car, following all steps in the supply chain (design, modeling, testing and use). The vehicle must meet strict regulations, regarding technical requirements, which influence the choices made during the design. We rely on the official regulations of FSG.

Every year Formula Student events are held in different parts of the world where a committee evaluates the development and environmental impact of the design. Then, the vehicle's efficiency and power are tested in a series of dynamic track tests.
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The competition structure

The competitions consist of 8 events, grouped into two macro-groups: static and dynamic.
Static events
Cost Report
Dynamic events